The internet and the idea of ‘craft’

Now with the world wide web, anyone can be a creator, curator, innovator and anything in between. The internet has come along way and that can result in positive ways of thinking, but also sometimes negative. There is so much out there, a wealth of knowledge and an ability to understand the world. Before, people were just consumers but now they can be the creators. Everyone is interconnected. The negative ‘dystopian’ way of viewing this is the lack of originality in craftsmanship. Everyone can do the same things. If everyone can create, who are the ‘real creators’, or what even defines a creator?

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.14.51 pmScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.17.30 pm

There are so many outlets online. Recently I learned about Twitch, which is a community for gamers who can live-stream and interact with people watching them play. Some people are even so popular they can earn money with their live streams, building communities of followers and can earn up to $5 per subscriber.


I find it so interesting that there is a whole world out there, with so many types of people, but it is also fascinating seeing what gets popular and what doesn’t. People love watching people put on make-up, play video games and even eat cereal. It’s a whole different world out there and the web has just allowed that crazy media consumption to progress.


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