Legacy or dialogic media?

There has been a real shift in the media spectrum. The user has become the creator and the consumer has turned producer. So what does this mean?


There are 3 networks which are all apart of different landscapes of the media.

The Centralised: is where information comes from a central source. From one to many.

The Decentralised: the centre is missing therefore so is the common place.

The Distributed: is where we are now, a many to many situation i.e. the internet.

Previously information came from a centre and people listened in isolation. There wasn’t the ability to interact with it, or contribute your own opinions or ideas. Now it is a lot different. Communication is more of a conversation rather than a one way streak. Many people are producing content and sharing information. So why is this happening? Well, Legacy Media was more prominent and a centralised media. Legacy media is monologic, meaning there is one person or organisation sending out a message to many people. Since the message is centralised and comes from one core centre, the information goes through multiple gatekeepers before being presented. Publishers would check the work, mainstream media decides what goes on their programs and some information is censored.


The other media spectrum is dialogic media. There are little to no gatekeepers. An example of this is the internet. It is free and anyone’s message can be broadcast directly. People can choose to participate and have conversations online or even put out there own information of what they find. But some of the issues with this are what constitutes news? And who is authorised to give it?

An example of this is Facebook Live. This can be used by anyone and broadcast out directly for anyone to see. Some journalists are adapting to this change and embracing it and using it for their broadcasts. But what makes which video news? One is a journalist and one is not, that is the shift of media today. The difference is one video will be seen by more people, and most likely later on will be given context and a bit more research into the story. I think legacy media is still needed as there are professionals trained in researching and verifying facts, but with breaking news there are so many outlets for people to access and even post, that veering into a more online world seems to be destined.




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