Memes the new face of warfare

Who thought memes could be more than just a quick scroll and chuckle through Facebook? I never really thought about memes being important or that persuading but when it comes to distributed information networks (the internet) it is just that.

Let’s look at propaganda. It is information that is used to influence the public towards a particular idea or point of view usually being political.

With Legacy media propaganda is shaped by a high cost of entry, high risk of failure and an inherent quality filter.

In distributed media, propaganda is shaped by:


Memes are self-replicating units of culture and the entire process is open. They are highly popular, even the US military are getting amongst as new CIA documents show that there are talks of a ‘Meme Warfare‘ Division, aimed at controlling the minds of the American population. It’s tasks, to advise the president on meme generation, transmission and a detailed analysis on enemy.


But is this new? Or is this old news but just a different way of influencing and conversing with the public?




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