Remixing is very prominent in the world. It’s kind of how the world works and operates when you see any idea or any work of art really. Where did it come from? All ideas build off one another. But this also makes you question anything that appears to be ‘original’.

The problem isn’t remixing – it is when the combination of


is not balanced.

When there is more copying going on and less transforming and combining that’s when we get the problem with remixing.

Right about now anyone can remix anything. We have the tools to do it. With the internet especially, it’s not expensive, there’s no distributor needed, you can share it to whomever and you really don’t need any skills.

I put together a range of versions of the theme song for The OC. As you can see remixing can create different sounds for a different kind of listening experience.

Everything is a continuous line of inventions formed on other ideas that are all interconnected. Where does creativity and originality go? OR is remixing another form of creating which is still as creative and original?

The issue people have though is how much they use of other people’s work and how much they claim to be their own.

This is where copyright laws come into it. Intellectual property has become so dominant, in the business of creativity -music, movies and art in general. We now believe ideas are property and we are very territorial of our ideas but is this discouraging our creative nature? No one actually starts out original. We learn from other ideas and then adapt our own.

Some examples of artists recently involved with copyright drama:

Taylor Swift

She is big on protecting her creative innovations, whether it is her music being free on streaming services, or even lyrics from her songs she has trademarked. ilAvYzRBlack_Top_G.tiff

Or James Arthur getting sued by the band The Script for similar tunes on their songs.


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