Copyright! Copywrong!

Copyright is everywhere nowadays.

In the past, people’s intellectual work was thrust into the world, in other words the public domain. It was okay to use and develop onto other people’s ideas. To borrow and adapt. Even the famous Disney did it. It’s own creative works were built upon from the works of others and used the culture around him. They created new things from old things. When there was no copyright, or little copyright, term ended and it was free to the public to use with no permission. Stories are still adapted to fit modern day storytelling. Cinderella originally from the Brothers Grimm, was taken from Disney and made into a famous fairytale. And the story or versions of the story can be seen all throughout Hollywood films. Including A Cinderella Story, Ella Enchanted and Ever After.


The Statute of Queen Anne (1710) was the first appearance of copyright law that granted owners monopoly for 14 years.

Throw forward all the way to today. The world looks quite different. We love the idea of ‘property’.

The music industry especially is very prominent with this. Beats and lyrics are challenged over its ‘origin’. Who came up with it, and who gets rights and royalties. There are a lot of lawyers and legal drama. When you use YouTube, you are limited in your capacity to use other songs and videos. There needs to be credit and if you are not granted permission, it is taken down. Some videos even change the pitch or the viewing enough not to get caught with ‘copyrighting’.


The internet provides no barriers which makes it more difficult for corporations to restrict people. Everything shared and put onto the internet is a copy. And these copies are free. You also see it in Hollywood, the same ideas all the time. But who is demanding credit?

(Made on Imgur, from YouTube video ‘Cats vs Mirrors compilation)

UkAjEb6 - Imgur

So what will happen in the future, can the internet be stopped? Or do we even want to stop the internet for allowing us to become creators?

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