World Wrestling Transmedia

‘Transmedia is telling multiple stories over multiple mediums that fit together to tell one big persuasive story’ -One 3 Productions

It takes audiences into a world that is more than just one single story on one single medium. It caters to the current digital generation. It also captures a lot more markets by allowing people to come into the story through different entries. One example that popped into my head, from all my years of growing up with 3 brothers, was wrestling. Specifically the WWE, which is what I am most familiar with.


The WWE utilises a whole range of mediums to develop their storylines and characters. Its one main product is the live shows. They are performed in front of a live audience every week and aired on weekly television shows. On those they show matches, highlights from previous weeks and promotions to their pay per views and other merchandise. To further these storylines they use Twitter, to continue on rivalries and get fans excited on what’s to come. They also have a popular YouTube channel showing back stage interviews. All of this fits into the shows developing storyline.

WWE Twitter Header Image



They even come out with a game every year, introducing new wrestlers. Bringing back old ones and allowing the fans to create their own stories.

Separately but still connected, they have WWE Studios where wrestlers can act in movies that are produced by the company. Some scenes even involve real life stadiums and fans.

I think the WWE definitely utilise what they can the expand their fanbase into multiple platforms. They have adapted especially well to modern media with all their social media use. Using hashtags during live shows and keeping people engaged and involved.



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