Open or closed?

All forms of media are either open or closed? What does this mean. Well I’ll explain open source software first. This is software that is open to the public. People can modify and adapt programming as it is publicly available to do so. Now as we are growing into a world that is highly technologically knowledgable, this is good. We are a generation who are always wanting more and by having this, we are able to connect and fuel our desire to innovate. There are many examples of open source programs including Python, SambaGNOME, Firefox, Moodle and others.


Closed source software on the other hand is quite different. It is designed so only the company can make changes to the coding and programming. It is not publicly available so it is quite restrictive. It allows for companies to have control over what their users are able to access. This is desirable for companies as it gives them control of not only their users but the content available on their software, to make sure nothing unfavourable shows up.


An example of a closed source software is APPLE. They use their own database for apps and a user can only access apps from their store, not anywhere else.


I think as we are moving into a more open community, open source software is going to become more prominent. Although companies would like to keep control over what they have, the future is moving forward.


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