Online personas v real life

So it is quite prominent to see lovely photos on social media. I have noticed. My feed is filled with smiling people, sunsets and funny 10/10 captions. I have even experienced behind the making of these posts first hand and I’m not going to lie, have done them myself. ‘Which photo is better?’, ‘What filter is better?’, “No use this one your smiling more.’, ‘You look hotter in that one!’ These are actual quotes I have heard or even said.


Why do we do this? What makes us feed off of this perfecting nature? Do we just personally like aesthetically pleasing pages. I think I am on the lower spectrum of this scenario. I’m no insta famous person,  I have my friends and that’s pretty cool. But why would anyone want to see me lying on the couch, eating chips with my hair towel on? That’s boring. But it is also real.


I may not worry too much about likes but I definitely know how addicting it can be. I recently posted a photo on my personal account from a festival I went to. It got so many more likes than all my photos and I must say it was a little insane. The likes kept raking in and I kept looking and being mesmerised. I have not quite got into it too much but I got a touch of the feeling, so I guess that is what it is like. To be recognised. To put out this image where people will love it. Celebrities do it too, or they actually perpetuate it more. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have heavily curated lives on Instagram, showing their rich and wealthy lifestyles.

I’m not going to lie, they are pretty cool photos, but a lot of people are getting this confused with REAL LIFE and I think that is where the issue lies. We have to make that distinction and not get caught up.


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