TV…what’s new?

TV is very expected these days. In fact it is quite uncommon to not have a television or even watch shows wherever you have them whether that’s on a tablet or laptop. The question comes, and I personally have asked this question ‘but what do you do? You know without a tv?’

It’s so fascinating that not even that long ago, they didn’t exist. They were a very new thing but now I think we have figured it out. It went from no televisions to endless amounts of programs that never stop running!

I spoke with my dad about this and asked him to think back to when he first got a television in the home. To him it was unbelievable. Quite an exciting thing to happen. It sat in his small lounge room and he watched it with his parents, until his siblings came (oldest child). He even has a distinct memory of when he was 9 years old and he watched ‘the footy grand final in 1969 where Balmain beat favourite South Sydney’, which goes to show that it must have been some occasion for him to remember that far back with those details.

As the television was quite new there wasn’t that much selection. He remembers kids shows and specifically the show F-troop, but there weren’t many morning television shows and all programs would usually wrap up by at least 10pm. This is quite different to now where programs run 24/7 and there are hundreds of channels and choices. When my dad  first got their TV they didn’t watch it much, but skip to now and I would say he definitely enjoys the old lounge room footy/movie time. It’s pretty interesting how our use of television has shifted so dramatically. Even my own memories of the big box TV we had are becoming faint.


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  1. Before your own memories become too faint, maybe start writing them down? This would be a good way to start an autoethnography. Apart from our interest in #BCM241, it could be of interest to you and your family in the future.


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