Bondi Vet to International Vet


The Australian factual television series Bondi Vet, follows a veterinarian surgeon Dr Chris Brown and a team of other vets on all different situations that come up at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). It’s main premise is the bond between owners and pets and the type of work that veterinarians do to assist these animals.

Quite popular here in Australia, it centres around the lovely area of Bondi with beautiful scenic shots and a relaxed beach vibe. The main doctor, Chris Brown, is also the featured host and main doctor of the clinic, who has a classic Australian look, blonde and surfy. The show in Australia has been nominated for two TV Logie Awards and has made Dr Chris a household name and featured in many other programs on Channel 10 including I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and The Living Room. However with all this success in its homeland Australia, it has also reached international success. In Britain it is the highest rated show on Animal Planet. The CBS network in the US has also brought the show to its programming under the title Dr. Chris: Pet Vet. The renamed version would be because Dr Chris as the main host has gained so much success, and is the main person associated with the show. He is also a ‘stereotypical Aussie’ with the long blonde locks and chiselled face, he might draw some intrigue from international markets on the Australian lifestyle. Other countries would find it fascinating to have a vet so close to the beach, the famous Bondi of all Australian beaches, and the situations that animals get into because of the specific Australian climate and surroundings.

Other countries that have taken interest in the show are Canada on CBC Television, Czech Republic on Animal Planet and others including Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand.

With this international success the show remained popular and the seasons continued. In order to keep it fresh, the show saw itself moving to different countries for some seasons to ‘shake it up’. It wasn’t just the vet from Bondi, it was the vet FROM Bondi. The show went to the US, Fiji, Thailand and other places and showed a different outlook, with a lot of international differences in veterinarian care. Dr Chris even saying  ”Places that are developing economically are often lacking in pretty basic care for animals, so you can make a really significant difference in a very short period of time.”(SMH) Even though the show changed areas, one thing that remained was the care and bond with the animals. That is something he has always been passionate about.

It is interesting that such a local show made for a primarily Australian market has grown to so many countries, many European. The fascination with Australia and its lifestyle really draws people in. The fact that it is a factual series that shows the everyday situations of a vet clinic allows people to understand what it takes and informs people on best ways to avoid bad situations for loved pets and animals.


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