Internet usage and the NBN

As media is ever changing and evolving their is always something new and exciting, until it is the norm. Before, it was radio. Everyone would sit around their lounge room and tune into to listen. Then the television was new and exciting. I interviewed my dad about his experience with the television. As a 9 year old when he got his TV, it was unbelievable. It was so new that there wasn’t that much variety for show, however the ability to tune into big events like the footy grand final was great. But as time went on, television expanded and evolved. With instalments of Foxtel and Tevo where rewinding, pausing and recording to watch later all became available. There are a hundred channels and shows available. Cinema as well was popular and now a multimillion dollar enterprise.

But moving forward we now have the Internet. Initially something so new and powerful. We could connect with people from all around the world, so much more quicker than previous means of communication. But as times go on, and the world moves faster and when internet is not new anymore and just expected that’s when the disappointment sets in. When the internet can’t keep up with our increasingly busy lives it causes a roadblock and our efficiency decreases.

My family home currently has 7 people living in it. 2 are my parents, I have 3 brothers, two in high school and one in university, and also 2 Chinese students who are in their last year of high school. That is a lot of people! And between all these people there is school, bills, social media and entertainment ranging from the TV to internet and mobile phones. We have had a lot of internet problems, with so many people using data and wifi and also just the ability to find the right server that is affordable and efficient. Telstra has been the main supplier of our data and communications and it is in fact one of the most comprehensive phone networks in Australia. Telstra actually agreed to an $11 billion deal to rent its infrastructure to the NBN.

In our lecture this week, we looked at the case study of the NBN, National Broadband Network. ‘High speed internet network with expected speeds of about 100 megabits a second to more than 90% of Australian homes.’  – NBN Co home website  It was a way to ‘overcome Australia’s patchy and expensive internet services’. However some concerns about the network, Fraz Wilde one of the NBN users has been disappointed with its services (ABC article). Many people are being sold cheap internet rather than internet that suits them.


I don’t really understand a lot of technical terms regarding data, internet, cable ducts and megabits. I think that could be an issue of some people in purchasing internet and different plans. However should people be well versed in all that technical jargon? I think they should understand it a little however with the internet being so complex it is difficult to keep up. We use it as it is there for us, but as soon as it disappoints us we complain and tell everyone to fix it. I guess we don’t really know the future. We can’t exactly stop using the internet as society is not going forward that way, in fact it is going quite the opposite way in which we are using it much more than ever and will keep increasing. Maybe we should go back to when we were children and have a technology free hours during our day?–what-it-means-20110622-1gg5a.html




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