PITCH – Game of Thrones..why and how?

So the idea behind assessment 1 is to research the relationship between media, audiences and place. For me it is always a bit hard to start these things. I like to think of the best idea ever, however having to reel myself back and remind myself that this is only a pitch with time and room for any improvement. So brainstorming, I thought about what we think of when we think of an audience? As it is not quite sitting around a lounge room all watching something at the same time with the family anymore. Our lives are go, go, go. That means sometimes we have to watch our favourite programs on the go. I have seen quite a number of people on their smartphones and tablets tuned into a TV show on the train or bus. Time efficient yes. They are also an audience of that show. Other people like to gather with others to watch their favourite programs whereas there are some people who like to escape and engage in shows by themselves in the solace of their own room.

I’m going to use Game of Thrones as a media example for my research. I don’t actually watch watch Game of Thrones, I have never seen an episode, however through all of my media use it is heavily involved. I see it all the time! (But I don’t understand any references!) A lot of people watch it and there are so many fandoms out there. I’m going to try to look at 3 different ways people engage in this show. First one, is people who watch it together. I live in a college residence so there are quite a number of people. I’m aware that people like to watch it at a certain time and place every week. They would put it on in the TV room and all watch it together. What makes them watch it with others? Is it convenience? How would they prefer that experience with watching it by themselves? A way I can do this is observation and also interview. By observing people watch this show and then afterwards asking them about it and their watching habits. The second way is finding people who would rather watch it on their laptops or just privately. Can they not make the ‘organised watching period’ with the others? Or do they actually just prefer watching it by themselves in their own time and their own space? The third way people engage in the show is online! Online forums, Facebook, memes even. How does engaging in these further contribute to their media experience with this show. Do they feel more apart of something by engaging with others that watch the show?

The good thing about this is that because I don’t watch the show I can come in with an outside perspective and really try to get to know these fans and watchers. Also I don’t have to worry about spoilers. What is so fascinating about the show?

Some articles on why GOT is so popular:





Some forums of the show that can give insight into audiences and how they engage in the show:







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