Let’s Go to the Movies..or not



This week we were looking into ‘strangers in public’ the cinema experience. There were a few options of tasks to do. One was to go to the movies. I didn’t quite get around to it though. But I thought why? Torsten Hagerstrand, an urban planner (1969) identified 3 human constraints that actually affect how we manage logistics of travel to a place at a set time:

  • Capability
  • Coupling
  • Authority

I was capable of going to the movies, but for me it is more of a novelty. If I really want to see a movie I will try to go watch it. I also like to prioritise my outings. As a university student living out of home, I don’t have the privilege of doing anything I want. Going to the cinema adds up a bit, and if I do not have enough of a drive to go, I can’t see myself making the effort. I also feel as if going to the cinema is something you do with others. That makes it an outing you have to organise. The people going, setting up a time, when to meet and what to do afterwards. I have actually gone to the movies on my own one time. It was a much different experience than going with others, especially seeing a comedy. I think you feel a little more secure with other people rather than being by yourself.

Video_Ezy_Centro_Glenorchy (1)MachineLightBox_350_V2

I asked my mum about her movie experiences growing up. They were quite similar. She went once a holidays and it was a treat as it was expensive. She remembers seeing Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975). She also reflected on the current state of movies. She much prefers borrowing them and watching them at home as a family bonding experience. She raised a good question, where do you get old movies from? As many DVD shops are shutting down, where can people access them? Not everyone is so laptop/online/technology friendly and much prefer the old school methods of putting something in the DVD player and enjoying good entertainment.




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