What’s Hidden?


The theme of what’s hidden can be interpreted in so many ways, from literal to deeper meanings. Ann’s story is quite unique. Family is such an interesting theme as it has so many aspects and special qualities. All families are different to the next and Ann’s is no different. What may appear to be normal may not always be the case. Delving into this idea of family was a perfect way to uncover what’s hidden.

For the longest time, Ann lived a very regular life. However growing up, she was very different to her family. She didn’t dislike them, but they weren’t always close. Ann was one girl of three other boys. Her mother told her and her younger brother about their adoption when she was just 6. As she was quite young at that age it didn’t quite impact her life all that much. Her parents were still her parents and her family was hers. Growing up though there was a lingering feeling and as she became old enough she decided to feed her curiosity and try to find her birth mother. This short piece is how she found her mother and the belonging feeling she got.

Ann doesn’t speak much of the topic so it was a great privilege to gain insight and explore her experience. As the interview continued, her openness and vulnerability was a standout as you got to understand the emotion of a person who has had this adoption experience. Interviewing her mother as well about raising Ann gave a great insight. Even though questions of the adoption were not asked, Ann’s life growing up in her family gave great context to tell the story. This story is more of a happy simple one. Ann wasn’t unhappy with her family, she loved them even though she was quite different to them however being able to find that missing piece really allowed her to become a full person. After solo research and proper agency approaches she was able to contact and meet her birth mother and father, as well as find out she had two other biological brothers as well. No bitterness or animosity just a chance to get to know, and to finish the puzzle. Ann’s life didn’t change too dramatically afterwards but she was satisfied with the result and her current life now is great with having four children of her own. What are the odds even three boys and one girl, the same as she grew up.

Talent: Ann Smith (interviewee)

Second talent: Ann’s mother


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