Attention and Technology

This short video is on how consuming media is on our lives and how our attention and concentration is affected. There is some information from Tristan Harris (Thrive Global) on how technology is hijacking our minds, an interesting comparison to a food study [that actually relates to the topic quite well] and general observation and commentary.

People’s time is valuable, so the more time people are spending on apps and media technologies, the more success they see for their companies. The more choices our technology gives us involving our lives for example from everything involving information, events to see, places to go and even jobs and contacting friends, the more we believe that our phones or devices are the most empowering. But take away the extras, and focus on exactly what you are doing at that time and you can focus and learn so much more. Our time is ‘valuable’ but if we have one task to do and check 10 other things whilst doing it (social medias, email, procrastination googling) than our one task has actually taken much more out of our time than necessary. And did we really gain much from checking that one notification we got? Social media makes us feel like we can’t fall behind, and for them, interruption is great for business however for consumers we get caught up and sometimes tend to struggle with all of the choices out there that aid us in procrastinating and keeping off track. I hope you enjoy the video.



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‘The Social Media Song’ by Shimona Kee, 2012

‘Retro Soul’ from

Videos that weren’t my own:

Slot machine:

Instagram scroll through:

The awareness test:

iPhone at end:


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