Share house living -Project proposal BCM212

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Before I moved to Wollongong to live and study I was living at home. I had a desire for independence and wanted to break out of my comfort zone. There were plenty of good universities in Sydney where I was from however, I wanted to have this experience of living away from home so I could become my own person. A lot of people however who come from the country or rural areas, have no choice but to move to their desired places. Choice or no choice it is a big transition to make. I would call myself a ‘homebody’. I felt very comfortable at home, with my family. Moving out was a little daunting but I wanted to do it. I first moved to campus accommodation which was a good in between experience. I was away from my family in a new environment but still a little looked after with meals cooked for me as well as many people who were around to socialise with. Then after that I moved into a share house with 4 other girls. This is just a little of my story but I know there are many others who have similar experiences.

How does this relate to university? Well young people living with other young people can be quite hectic sometimes. The desire to go out and socialise, drinking culture and even the small basic things like cleanliness. At times priorities can change. The concept of home changes too. Home is a basic foundation and comfort in life. When you go home you can really be yourself and fully relax. How do people feel this with mates as opposed to family? Or is the place they rent out literally just a room they sleep in? Is there something that can prepare people for it?

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What I want to know is …is there anything that goes wrong when living with people?

There are so many aspects involved in living independently and I’m curious as to see what other people’s experiences are. The issues of being first time renters, with even just finding a house in the first place and going through applications and finding the right people to live with. As well as what people were expecting when moving out of home and into a place.

As I lived in campus accomodation, I know many people who are in this new situation. I plan on asking them what their experiences are. I can get a great insight and see if this transition affects other aspects of their life with university and socialising. Using surveys and the #BCM212 could get more responses too. I feel from my own perspective you sometimes get caught up in the socialising which might affect the way you do your work so you can be able to ‘hang with mates’.


As I continue this project I aim to get more specific in my research and topic area and am interested in how it goes.


Oksanen, A., Aaltonen, M., Majamaa, K. and Rantala, K. (2017). Debt problems, home-leaving, and boomeranging: A register-based perspective on economic consequences of moving away from parental home. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 41(3), pp.340-352.



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