Where I’m from…Lumiere films

George Ella Lyon’s ‘Where I’m From’ poem gave insight into her past with descriptions that went deeper than the surface. I tried to capture ‘where I’m from’, both through physical surroundings and also through values I learnt growing up.  I depicted typical suburban traits of watching TV, the clothesline and washing. Lyon said that a place could open into a scene from memory. She also said an object could open into a sensory exploration. I decided instead of an object to use a place. One distinct memory growing up was going to church. Although my family wasn’t super religious, it was something I remembered participating in and thought it would be interesting to explore as the smell, look and feeling of a church would remind me of my early childhood and school life. Growing up near the beach, in a suburban house with 3 brothers, my friends and family and values from my parents all contributed to where I’m from.



One ‘Where I’m From’ video that was really interesting that included many people and many different stories:




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