And we are Live Tweeting!

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So live-tweeting where do I begin…

When I first learnt we were going to be live tweeting I was low-key dreading it. When I watch certain television shows I do see people live tweeting using the shows particular hash tag, all following along and tweeting away. I however, never use Twitter and I’m not much of an ‘opinion based’ social media poster unless if it’s just for a bit of banter, so it was a bit of a strange concept to me.

Going way back to week 1 watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 film, I was trying to find interesting facts about the movie as well as commenting on the film itself and what was happening as I was watching. I knew I had to get at least 10 tweets. Looking at those first weeks tweets, there wasn’t much interaction with the rest of the class. Everyone was sort of in the same boat and focusing on their own tweets and movie observing and trying to get the feel of this way of communicating.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 8.19.49 pm

As the weeks went on I got pretty into the live tweeting. I didn’t even worry about how many I had to post, I was just trying to enjoy it. The content of the texts shown was really interesting and whenever I questioned something or liked something I would tweet about it. I also found other people’s Tweets really good, and started to interact and retweet them myself. Everyone was becoming really creative and I started to become more visual, posting relevant photos and Gifs.


One of the things I struggled with however was doing so much. It was multi-tasking to the max. Juggling watching a film, being engaged with that film, finding interesting stories and facts about it and interacting with other people’s thought’s as well. Sometimes I got so interested in the #BCM325 feed and kept reading it instead of actually watching the movie. One week I was too invested in the movie so I did not post as much. I found other people’s posts that I agreed with and retweeted them. It was all a balancing act. I also found great articles that explored the movies themes and other people posted about good articles that I wanted to read, which I ended up putting in another tab in a sort of ‘read later’ space, so my tab bar usually ended up looking like this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 7.04.53 pm

Some films were very long with very heavy themes exploring morals and ethics, mortality, empathy, even ‘meaning of life’ or what it means to be human. Some movies I had heard of before and always wanted to watch them, but with all of the live tweeting I was tweeting and reading about concepts of the films without even taking it in myself and missing important scenes being to occupied with all of the other stuff I was doing. Some of the films were quite deep and in general need a second or third watch to fully understand especially not giving full attention while watching.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between people progress throughout the semester. From at first there wasn’t much to later on it where it flowed much better as everyone was having casual but purposeful conversations about the content.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 9.09.25 pmScreen Shot 2018-04-27 at 9.10.23 pm

Some odd and quirky things I got out of the experience was the thought on what I could post. Trying to suss out the online environment, and seeing if certain things were relevant, interesting or constructive. Even being confused at the class expectations. I usually feel class is a little more formal but Twitter is casual so even swearing was strange to see. I also felt slightly accomplished when I tweeted a fun fact and received a few likes, that was a positive feeling as I felt I posted interesting and useful content.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 9.11.12 pm

It was fascinating seeing these science fiction texts explore the evolution of technology and the cyberpunk movement. A lot of these films had very similar ways of showing these concepts. Technology in the past we had power over it as it was very new. We created it and we could control it. These films had a common theme of technology taking over and becoming its own entity, which can be seen today just in a different way. These films from the past were exploring the future but really it’s now our present. We are in a way controlled by technology but also don’t acknowledge it. We as people don’t like to think technology has power over us but as we are so accustomed to it we just don’t notice it. It may not be ‘attacking’ us but it definitely holds an important role in our lives.

Most pleasant to watch: Robot and Frank

Most disturbing/scary: Black Mirror ‘Hated in the Nation’

Most funny: Johnny Mnemonic



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  1. Hi Tamara,

    Like you, I had no knowledge on Godzilla besides the Simpsons episode… oops. I found your reflection of watching the film in class was very similar to my experience. This was my first time watching a foreign film with English subtitles.

    I enjoyed how you briefly mentioned your experience with foreign films; I looked up ‘The Lives of Others’ and then watched the trailer and can see it is a story with a bit of history and themes of surveillance. With Godzilla it was easy to keep up with the subtitles because majority of the movie was action, however if it was a movie with a detailed story line and a lot of characters I am wondering if it was more challenging?

    I am interested to know if you have watched any anime films before? If not I think you would like the movie ‘Ponyo’. The theme looks at environmentalism and how we should really watch our waste.


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