Sound project

For this audio piece I wanted to move the listener through a story. I created a soundscape as I wanted to convey movement. I found I had a lot of ideas from the ‘where I’m from’ theme, including memories and sounds from my home, where I grew up, my siblings and family members and the places I went. Combining all of these into 60 seconds was a lot so I decided to focus in on one experience that could combine a few. This was a car trip with my family. I started off with sounds from my home, including the television, my pets, my mum and the road I grew up on and then moving through the house into the car ready to go somewhere. This gave me enough ambient sounds, voices and spot recordings to convey that experience. I listened to some good podcasts including fatal murder, which didn’t just tell a story through narration but emphasised it further through relevant sounds and music. I also listened to some soundscapes, which my sound project is most similar too. I felt the time was a little too short to tell a story through speaking so I allowed the sound speak for itself. I didn’t want a silent moment, I made all the sounds flow onto the next so the listener could be engaged and moved through what was happening.

Have a listen…


References to some sound pieces:

‘Sound Only Storytelling’

‘The Magic of Making Sound’..A Great Big Story 

‘Story Telling through Sound: making radio sound ‘real’..The Doc Project, CBC Radio

The Onion, A Very Fatal Murder Episode 1..A Perfect Murder

Player FM, Urban Soundscape



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