Where I’m From Part 3

Passion and persistence, or just a friendly game of frisbee –(where I’m from assignment)

Rather than incorporating a whole range of aspects from the ‘where I’m from’ theme, I decided to focus in on one part of growing up and that is trying new things. I grew up very outdoorsy and my family is very into sport. So naturally, this made me try many different activities. When trying new activities, it becomes exciting, but when you fail or you’re not very good it can lower your confidence. However growing up and in everyday experiences we have to keep going otherwise we can’t learn. This is quite a large analogy to make of a short 60 second video, so in short playing a sport that you like (depicted as Frisbee) and getting hit would not be a fun experience, but as you can see in the video there were many good aspects which made the character go back to playing it.

I tried to show the story through where the camera was pointing and progressed the story. For example it started with a wide shot of 2 people playing, then a mid close up of them throwing the Frisbee. I did a sort of ‘dream sequence’ around the middle where it faded to ‘more happier times’ and then contrasted that with the black and white shot of me getting hit with the Frisbee and doubled it for emphasis. I wanted to exaggerate the story to make it more clearer and also did this with the sound. The background noise was ambient outside sound, and the smaller actions were of catching the Frisbee, walking through the door and pen tapping to portray ‘thinking’. Also getting hit with the Frisbee was pitched down to create a more dramatic effect. Some editing things I can work on next time is syncing the audio better and working on export formats to not make it come out so blurry.

I feel as though for a shorter clip, it’s hard to get a full story out so I looked into shorter video examples. I also incorporated a ‘flashback’ type sequence, and to make it look like it was a different scene and emotion I altered the colours so the inside scene was a little faded and duller and then that contrasted to a much brighter and happier setting. These scene from Coco depicts this…the current scenes they are in this blueness showing sadness and betrayal and then the flash back is a musky brown colour palette to show the past.



The wanted to overlay the video with the sound in the same amplified style. I used spot recordings, locations sounds, edited some sounds in the production stage and used bensound.com for the music in the short flashback scene.



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