What I learnt

A reflection for BCM212 research task 3

I learnt that research takes time and preparation. It doesn’t come over night. You have to formulate a research question, figure out exactly how you are going to answer it and then plan the rest. Creating questions people can answer that will give you quality results is important. I also found that distributing these questions, in the form of a survey takes a lot of attention. I think I did not leave enough time for my survey to be up for the public to see it, or displayed it well enough for people to know about it. So I think next time I’ll allow more time for that so I can improve on it when I see it. There was a lot of content every week from class involving different research practices, which was helpful in allowing me to think about how to go about my research, but I needed to narrow down and fine tune it early on so it would have benefited me more. I feel like using class time too to interview more people would have been better, but I also found that not everyone lived in share houses. People I talked to in class lived at home, which was interesting as for so long I’ve lived at college or in a share house and sort of forget that people actually live here or commute, but I did find someone in the end.

The interview went well and I got answers that were really interesting. I think I could have improved on my survey questions. I feel they were still a bit vague. I did get good answers but a few questions I wasn’t sure if people would understand them so I gave example answers within the questions, which might have influenced some responses. So I learnt not to ask ‘leading’ questions and make the questions as clear as possible. My research really focused on experiences so I couldn’t really make any particular ‘data’ with the responses. I feel as though just time and attention to detail was what was important in doing this research task.


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