The topic I chose for this task started off as just curiosity. I don’t really like many reality shows, but I know a lot of people who do and I see people posting about shows all the time being super invested in them. I could see they do have quite an impact on our media and entertainment. I thought me not particularly loving reality shows could be an interesting perspective to look into it from. I thought if I came in from an outside perspective I can see how it all related and make a cohesive evaluation of it all. I feel like now sometimes, non-political figures get more attention than behind the scenes workers in the field who know a lot because of social media and maybe that has something to do with their relationship and commitment to it and staying connected with people.

When doing the task, I focused on feedback I have received in the past. Something I always feel like I can improve on is my quality of referencing. For this task, that is something I tried to do better. I really researched a lot for it and put together all of the ideas to make a good research topic. I took time in finding good articles and then referenced them throughout with links so people were able to branch off if they were further interested or wanted to read any more information. This also helped me put my references together at the end.

If I had all the time in the world, I think I might have liked to branch out to do something different like a video or a podcast however I was already doing a podcast with another subject so I thought I could use my blog as my platform. This is something I have been working on during my degree and I always feel I can use it better and write more quality blogs, as eventually the site can be used as my portfolio for future employment. Having quality work on there would be beneficial and I wanted to use this task as an opportunity to do that.

I learnt a lot during this task. I found that choosing a topic that was fascinating to me helped me in my enthusiasm to research it. Because a blog is quite common, I wanted to make it interesting and informative enough for the readers to stay engaged so I included videos, pictures and information from many sources including academic articles, news articles and even a book that I found that was about entertainment and politics, which gave great insight into what politics looked like in the media in the past which I could then compare to the present using my example. Getting started was hard because I didn’t know if there was enough relevant information to write a legitimate research blog, but after lots of digging I eventually found enough and narrowed it down.


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