Final video essay A topic that has been very prevalent in the media recently is the ban of the single-use plastic bags. Many people were for it including environmental groups and large businesses however some people were not happy about this. Reason’s included not having enough notice until they were scrapped, pure inconvenience, conspiracies of a... Continue Reading →

Final Digital Artifact

  I have always loved entertainment and media, that’s even why I chose to study a degree in it. However I have only ever really watched from my home or places similar to my home. I am very familiar with American television shows and movies, Australian news media, dramas and comedies. Something that is different... Continue Reading →


You may or may not have heard of the trending video advertisement made by the feminine hygiene brand Always, but it was a video that came out in 2014 which featured different aged girls and even some boys being asked to do impressions of actions but ‘like a girl’. I remember my mum showing it... Continue Reading →

Overview of independent autoethnography task

This semester, the Digital Asia subject had me delve into many different types of culture from many different countries. These included watching films made in Japan, documentaries following professional Korean gamers and even trying different foods. These were all done so we could explore a different culture from our own and investigate autoethnography. Thinking of an... Continue Reading →

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