Where I’m From Part 3

Passion and persistence, or just a friendly game of frisbee –(where I’m from assignment) Rather than incorporating a whole range of aspects from the ‘where I’m from’ theme, I decided to focus in on one part of growing up and that is trying new things. I grew up very outdoorsy and my family is very... Continue Reading →


Sound project

For this audio piece I wanted to move the listener through a story. I created a soundscape as I wanted to convey movement. I found I had a lot of ideas from the ‘where I’m from’ theme, including memories and sounds from my home, where I grew up, my siblings and family members and the... Continue Reading →

Where I’m from…Lumiere films

George Ella Lyon's 'Where I'm From' poem gave insight into her past with descriptions that went deeper than the surface. I tried to capture 'where I'm from', both through physical surroundings and also through values I learnt growing up.  I depicted typical suburban traits of watching TV, the clothesline and washing. Lyon said that a... Continue Reading →

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