A Podcast: Self Driving cars and Ethics

https://soundcloud.com/user-363823753/podcast-bcm325-self-driving-cars    When I first looked into exploring self driving cars, I was fascinated with how they worked and surprised at how frequent they are becoming in testing and actually being used on our roads. It is not a simple technology, there is so many man hours in creating them and putting them together and... Continue Reading →


Self driving car ethics part 2…

My first post touched on the developing idea and implementation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). When I first thought of this idea to look into self driving cars, I was curious. I thought it was an interesting direction we were headed in with our technology and I wanted to see how it all worked. Automatic vehicles have... Continue Reading →

The ethics of self reliant technology

Specifically self driving cars... There has always been a futuristic and ambitious idea of autonomous vehicles. All the way back in 1925 a company called Houdina Radio Control Company even experimented with driverless cars by demonstrating to the public a car that was seemingly driving by itself. Even though it was being controlled by remote... Continue Reading →

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