What’s That Accent? …A Podcast

    https://soundcloud.com/user-363823753/final-project-ell230 This podcast explores the topic of ethnocentrism and how accents play a role in how people are treated in certain environments when there are language barriers, as well as how stereotypes and prejudice affect people. There are a few examples used to investigate this topic. This discussion goes deep using research on... Continue Reading →


Final video essay

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohN28tOJyhw&feature=youtu.be A topic that has been very prevalent in the media recently is the ban of the single-use plastic bags. Many people were for it including environmental groups and large businesses however some people were not happy about this. Reason’s included not having enough notice until they were scrapped, pure inconvenience, conspiracies of a... Continue Reading →

Final Digital Artifact

  I have always loved entertainment and media, that’s even why I chose to study a degree in it. However I have only ever really watched from my home or places similar to my home. I am very familiar with American television shows and movies, Australian news media, dramas and comedies. Something that is different... Continue Reading →

Critical Reflection

Australia’s film industry is lacking due to little audience interest and a shortage of suitable support. The government does help out, providing some funding to the arts and creative industries however we need a way to utilise this help. Screen Australia was formed which looks after funding and production for Australian content and regularly supports... Continue Reading →

Week 3 – Akira

This week in Digital Asia we got familiar with the research practice of autoethnography, which is an approach to research which looks for a way to use and examine personal experience in order to understand cultural experience. In the seminar we screened and live-tweeted the anime Akira (1988), and used this as an example to put... Continue Reading →


Week One in Digital Asia (BCM320) we screened the 1954 science fiction feature of Godzilla (or Gojira). It was made and set in Japan, and is a steady paced action and suspense film about a dinosaur-like monster that had been awoken from its sleep by atomic bomb radiation. The only knowledge I had about Godzilla... Continue Reading →

What I learnt

A reflection for BCM212 research task 3 I learnt that research takes time and preparation. It doesn’t come over night. You have to formulate a research question, figure out exactly how you are going to answer it and then plan the rest. Creating questions people can answer that will give you quality results is important.... Continue Reading →

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