Open or closed?

All forms of media are either open or closed? What does this mean. Well I'll explain open source software first. This is software that is open to the public. People can modify and adapt programming as it is publicly available to do so. Now as we are growing into a world that is highly technologically... Continue Reading →


World Wrestling Transmedia

'Transmedia is telling multiple stories over multiple mediums that fit together to tell one big persuasive story' -One 3 Productions It takes audiences into a world that is more than just one single story on one single medium. It caters to the current digital generation. It also captures a lot more markets by allowing people... Continue Reading →


Remixing is very prominent in the world. It's kind of how the world works and operates when you see any idea or any work of art really. Where did it come from? All ideas build off one another. But this also makes you question anything that appears to be 'original'. The problem isn't remixing -... Continue Reading →

Memes the new face of warfare

Who thought memes could be more than just a quick scroll and chuckle through Facebook? I never really thought about memes being important or that persuading but when it comes to distributed information networks (the internet) it is just that. Let's look at propaganda. It is information that is used to influence the public towards... Continue Reading →

Legacy or dialogic media?

There has been a real shift in the media spectrum. The user has become the creator and the consumer has turned producer. So what does this mean? There are 3 networks which are all apart of different landscapes of the media. The Centralised: is where information comes from a central source. From one to many.... Continue Reading →

The internet and the idea of ‘craft’

Now with the world wide web, anyone can be a creator, curator, innovator and anything in between. The internet has come along way and that can result in positive ways of thinking, but also sometimes negative. There is so much out there, a wealth of knowledge and an ability to understand the world. Before, people... Continue Reading →

Medium is the message

The concept of 'the medium is the message' is hard to grapple with sometimes. What does it mean? Isn't the message the message? What does the medium have to do with it? Well, you can thank good ole Marshal McLuhan for this concept. Pretty much what is being said, (attempting to explain) is ...changes in the... Continue Reading →

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