Attention and Technology

This short video is on how consuming media is on our lives and how our attention and concentration is affected. There is some information from Tristan Harris (Thrive Global) on how technology is hijacking our minds, an interesting comparison to a food study [that actually relates to the topic quite well] and general observation and... Continue Reading →



Over the length of time in which I have been blogging, I have noticed a certain up keep that is needed. Blogging not only involves writing and posting, it requires a range of methods in order for it to be successful. There needs to be accurate information, interesting and engaging content to promoting your site... Continue Reading →

Attention Economy

This week was all about the 'attention economy'. It has 'become the most valuable currency in the media world' -Fortune. Which really links in with the concept of media, audience and place. How do we consume media and from what outlets? One topic that stemmed from this was the idea of multi-screening and multi-tasking and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go to the Movies..or not

  This week we were looking into 'strangers in public' the cinema experience. There were a few options of tasks to do. One was to go to the movies. I didn't quite get around to it though. But I thought why? Torsten Hagerstrand, an urban planner (1969) identified 3 human constraints that actually affect how... Continue Reading →

Internet usage and the NBN

As media is ever changing and evolving their is always something new and exciting, until it is the norm. Before, it was radio. Everyone would sit around their lounge room and tune into to listen. Then the television was new and exciting. I interviewed my dad about his experience with the television. As a 9... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Ethnography

Ethnography, to start, is qualitative research where the purpose is to lay out a detailed description of everyday life and practices. Rather than quantitive where findings are just numbers and information, qualitative finds the how's and why's. So 'collaborative ethnography' is is still finding out these in depth descriptions but rather than the researcher observing... Continue Reading →

TV…what’s new?

TV is very expected these days. In fact it is quite uncommon to not have a television or even watch shows wherever you have them whether that's on a tablet or laptop. The question comes, and I personally have asked this question 'but what do you do? You know without a tv?' It's so fascinating... Continue Reading →

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