Bondi Vet to International Vet

The Australian factual television series Bondi Vet, follows a veterinarian surgeon Dr Chris Brown and a team of other vets on all different situations that come up at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). It's main premise is the bond between owners and pets and the type of work that veterinarians do to assist these... Continue Reading →

Law and Order S V U K

    Confession, Law and Order SVU was one of my favourite shows growing up... A little strange considering the content, but I still watch it sometimes just out of habit. It is so familiar and has classic elements that never get old such as the DUN-DUNS between scenes and the whole trying to figure... Continue Reading →

Reality of a Ninja Warrior

There are so many reality shows out there. And an even more diverse range of subgenres within including lifestyle based shows, competition,educational or even a bunch of strangers in a peculiar circumstance. Guilty pleasure show no one wants to admit they watch but are secretly laughing in front of their laptop about an outrageous housewife’s... Continue Reading →

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